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Litron Lasers is a manufacturer of pulsed and CW Nd:YAG and Nd:YLF lasers. All its lasers are designed and manufactured by Litron in Rugby, England.

Litron was formed in 1997 and pioneered commercial photodiode energy monitors while developing a technology base for manufacturing solid state lasers. Litron's first laser products were launched in 2002 and these have developed into a set of standard models and configurations including dedicated PIV systems and high energy pulsed lasers. With an installed base of over a thousand units the design and manufacturing integrity of our products is truly field proven.

Litron’s philosophy is to keep all design and a significant proportion of manufacturing in-house. As a result all electronics, both digital and analogue, mechanics, software and all optics for the lasers are designed at Litron. This structure results in not having to rely on third-party support when supporting our own products, a significant customer benefit.

As well as an extremely comprehensive range of standard products Litron offers the expertise to produce complex custom Nd:YAG and other solid-state laser systems.

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